Movie Review: Revenge of the Bridesmaids

“Revenge of the Bridesmaids” on IMDB

Comedy,  95 Minutes, 2010

This is a made-for-TV movie.  I didn’t realize that at the beginning and probably wouldn’t have considered it if I’d known but my wife likes rom-coms (no matter how stupid) and I thought she’d like it.  It looked a little off (I assume this was shot on video).  It really started to dawn on me when about 30 minutes into the movie I hadn’t heard a single “shit” or “ass”.

Surprising nobody more than me, this was actually pretty good.

“Pretty good”, of course, is relative.  There’s nothing really special about it and none of the gags, characters or hooks are exactly fresh.  Balancing that is the fact that nothing is really wrong either.  The script is snappy, if predictable, and the performances are solid.  The characters you’re supposed to like are likable and the characters you’re supposed to dislike are suitably rotten.

The plot is hard to describe succinctly but easy to follow.  It involves crazy southern belles, olympic-class bitches and a big wedding just waiting to be destroyed in the name of true love.  Trust me, it actually does make sense.  You’ll be able to predict with high accuracy what happens to pretty much every character about 30 seconds after you meet them.  That girl who can’t figure out how to follow-up her first novel?  Well, she ends up writing another one.  That other girl who can’t find love or happiness in the big city?  Well she finds it.  Those two people who were meant to be together?  Well… I won’t spoil it.

Where many made-for-TV family movies are either crappy christian versions of good movies demanding that their moral be front and center or just plain too saccharine this is pleasant but not too pleasant.  It’s just a nice little date movie – even if that date is with your mom or grandma.

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