Hanukkah Movie Marathon: Hudson Hawk

IMDB, Hudson Hawk“Hudson Hawk” on IMDB

Adventure, 100 Minutes, 1991

[My daughter recently discovered that all her Jewish friends go the movies on Christmas day.  She came up with the idea of watching a movie for  each night of Hanukkah.  This is number five!]

Yeah – “Hudson Hawk”, what of it?!  I don’t have to defend myself to you, Internet!

“A movie this unspeakably awful can make an audience a little crazy. You want to throw things, yell at the actors, beg them to stop” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

Hey, it was funny (in-between being horribly not funny) and clever (in-between being horribly stupid)!  There were secret agents named after candy bars and musical heists and hot nuns!

“In Hudson Hawk, that arrogance is out of the closet. The qualities that describe most legendary turkeys — the mixture of spectacle and tin dialogue, the idiot plot that just keeps marching on, the actors who plug away with incongruous enthusiasm long after the film has died — are all here, yet in a peculiarly self-conscious, show-offy way.” – Owen Gleiberman , Entertainment Weekly

Well, Internet, that’s interesting commentary coming from something powered almost entirely by pictures of cute kittens.  I’m not sure why you think you have any right to pick so fiercely on what’s clearly a silly, just-for-fun farce.  It’s not perfect, but damn – it’s not that bad.  What do you know anyway?  You made a star out of Justin Beiber for Christ-sake!

Hudson Hawk offers a klutzy, charmless hero, and wallows dully in limp slapstick and lowest common denominator crudeness.” – Joe Brown, Washington Post.

You know what, Internet – fuck you.

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