Extra Life 2015: 2pm and We’re Singing!

Extra-Life LogoI’m not-live blogging our Extra-Life 2015 Marathon! After subjecting ourselves to the horror that is “Pixels”, we’re back to playing! Our team, The Vidiots, could still use donations, if you like. We can always use more sick kids; they’re so inspiring! Since the movie ended, we’ve played:

  • More Super Smash Bros. Wii-U. This is going to be a near constant with this crowd.
  • PCs were doing even more The Binding of Isaac and HearthStone.
  • Our man playing Fallout 3 has decided that it’s his mission to move all of the shopping carts in the wasteland to the Super Duper Mart. Well, “mission”, may be a strong word; let’s say “hobby”, instead.

At some point it was also decided that every time anybody started to sing “Mad World“, everybody had to join in or face undetermined consequences:

More to come!

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