Extra Life 2015: 8am and We’re Dropping like Flies!

Extra-Life LogoI’m not-live blogging our Extra-Life 2015 Marathon! Our team, The Vidiots, is 22 hours in and still playing! Well some of us are playing. We’ve lost more than a few. The survivors are still plugging along, but for how much longer is anybody’s guess.

We’re playing:

  • Somebody decided that Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was necessary. That was retired for Super Mario Sunshine after a few minutes.
  • The current champion got further in Undertale than ever before… and then died horribly.
  • We ended up on the PS3 for a while and sampled some of the smaller, quieter games like Rain and the amazing The Unfinished Swan. We also dusted off PixelJunk Monsters, a classic tower defense game.
  • Despite being nearly comatose, we ended having a great pass-the-controller session with the amazingly high-speed twitch game Race the Sun on PS4. This is exactly the kind of game that you don’t want to play with compromised reflexes, but we had a blast.

Here are some pictures!

We’re almost to the finish line!

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