Dumping System Objects

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All of these examples assume that the library has been imported as noted in the Documentation.

As noted system objects (those objects automatically defined by the system) can be enormous in their scope. You should always use the MaxRecurseLevel when working them to prevent instability: never assume that a system object is "simple" until you've first checked it out!

One Level of the Document Element.

The core JavaScript document object is a behemoth. Here we use the MaxRecurseLevel argument to limit its output to only one level:

The Style Object of the Body Element.

Style objects contain all of the style information available to script. They are "flat" object and so we can safely dump them without the MaxRecurseLevel argument. Here we get the current style information for the BODY tag:

The Images Array.

The images array is another monster. It contains references to every image on the current page (and every reference contains references to many other objects):

Cookies and Query String.

There are special facilities to handle cookies and the query string (note that this page probably does not have any query string variables defined):