I Hit the Jackpot!

Like many others, I’ve spent more than a bit of time at Moxy’s slot machines in Borderlands 2. Once you hit a few million dollars in the game, there’s not a whole heck of a lot else to do with it. After what’s felt like thousands of pulls, I finally hit the Jackpot!

Unfortunately I munged the video of the actual win, but I got this short clip of the winning machine and the legendary gun, the Texas Striker, that dropped.

Sadly, although I was level 39, the weapon was level 30 making it fun, but not that useful. I suppose that may be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but dammit, it’s my horse now and if I wanna look, I’ll look!

Movie Review: Spiderman: Homecoming

“Spiderman: Homecoming” on IMDB

Comedy/Adventure/Drama, 133 Minutes, 2017

This is an incredibly fun movie. Tom Holland [IMDB] is perfectly cast and Michael Keaton [IMDB] is always on his game. There’s thrills, chills and spills. The character’s integration into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe is clean and elegant. It’s absolutely worth your time and money.

And yet…


ITIL Priority (Urgency and Impact equals Priority) in a SharePoint Calculated Field

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ITIL determines the Priority of an incident as a function of its Impact (its direct effect on business processes) and Urgency (the amount of delay that can be accepted before resolution). Most ITIL-based tools (Remedy, ServiceNow, etc.) handle this conversion internally based on customer definitions.

In some cases you may want to implement this calculation directly within a SharePoint list, or, since this is likely a well-understood concept in the organization, apply a similar calculation to another process. For example, a team using a SharePoint list to accept service requests may define the impact and urgency of those requests to determine a calculated


Movie Review: The Whole Damn Phantasm Franchise

Phantasm is both one of the most enduring and one of the oddest horror franchises. Or is it sci-fi? Fantasy, maybe? The first film was released 38 years ago and the fifth – and reportedly last in the sporadically produced series- released late in 2016. Last month, the entire saga was released as a deluxe Blu-Ray Box Set [Amazon] making it a great time to revisit this often overlooked gem.

The films are the passion project of writer/director Don Coscarelli [IMDB], who also gave us the cult classic “The Beastmaster” [IMDB] and the wonderfully mind-bending “John Dies at the End” [My Review]. He once described Phantasm as “barely linear”, a characterization that some might call generous. The films are a loose mixture of original ideas, interesting imagery and budget-induced compromise.