About Me

The Depressed Press is the personal site of Jim Davis, a Production Support Manager with a fortune 50 financial services company. I started doing web application development and human factors work about 20 years ago. Since then I’ve, like many enterprise developers, transitioned regularly to different projects and teams and had exposure to many technologies and languages. In recent years I’ve been part of the enterprise Production Support team managing emergency response to production outages and problems.

I was raised in upstate and Western New York. My wife and I lived in Boston for 15 years and, a few years ago, moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania with our two kids. I probably spend too much time working but I also find the time to spend too much time on the PlayStation, reading comics and puttering around with household projects.

What’s with the name “The Depressed Press”?

Not much really. It’s just a fun play on words that doesn’t really mean anything. We’re not particularly or overly sad. In fact we’re not really a “press” either. Essentially the name is a bundle of cruel lies.