Marian Call for the Holidays!

Marian Call is awesome. This is a scientific fact in the field of science generally referred to as Awesomology. It may be gilding the lily, but she’s gone and made her herself even more awesome by releasing a new album of holiday tracks! You can sample all of the tracks below and then head over to Bandcamp and pay what you like.

While you’re there, why not check out her other albums. No reason at all, that’s why! I defy anybody to listen to “Good Morning Moon” and not smile.

Jurassic World Trailer (and How I’d Fix It)

The trailer for “Jurassic World” was released a few days ago and the Internet… noticed. Most of the comments seem to be focused around the sad scientific ignorance demonstrated in the creature design. Where the original trilogy did it’s best to reflect the most up-to-date findings, this definitely seems to toss that away in favor of a popularist view.

I’d like to focus on another aspect hinted on in the trailer, but first, here it is:


Movie Review: The Wolverine

IMDB, The Wolverine“The Wolverine” on IMDB

Adventure, 126 Minutes, 2013

I lost track of the “X-Men” movies some time ago. The overblown “X-Men: The Last Stand” [IMDB] and oddly paced  “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” were decent, but seemed to represent a downward spiral from the first two films. The excellent semi-reboot “X-Men: First Class” [IMDB] seemed to distance itself from the earlier films.

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