Movie Review: The Wolverine

IMDB, The Wolverine“The Wolverine” on IMDB

Adventure, 126 Minutes, 2013

I lost track of the “X-Men” movies some time ago. The overblown “X-Men: The Last Stand” [IMDB] and oddly paced  “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” were decent, but seemed to represent a downward spiral from the first two films. The excellent semi-reboot “X-Men: First Class” [IMDB] seemed to distance itself from the earlier films.


Movie Review: House Hunting

IMDB, House Hunting“House Hunting” on IMDB

Horror/Thriller, 102 Minutes, 2013

Marc Singer’s [IMDB] looking for a new house along with his bitchy girlfriend and his annoying daughter (who hates his bitchy girlfriend). When approached by a stranger who suggests that he check out a house just left of the ass-end of nowhere, he decides, “why not?” On the way up they meet another family, headed by the versatile Art LaFleur [IMDB], looking for the same house.


Movie Review: Revelations

Revelations“Revelations” on IMDB

Horror, 13 Minutes, 2014

“Revelations” is the first of five short films for a planned anthology, “The Forces of Horror Anthology Series Volume I”. According to the production’s FaceBook page, the four remaining segments will be completed in the next few months. Each story will explore a different sub-genre of horror, but using the same location and actors.

[Full, but dull, disclosure: this review was the result of a request from the writer/director of the movie.]


Movie Review: Sex Tape

IMDB, Sex Tape“Sex Tape” on IMDB

Comedy, 94 Minutes, 2014

Holy shit, something’s missing! Something important and/or valuable and/or embarrassing! Something owned by nice people whom we would like see find it! Nice people with wacky, madcap friends that have good intentions, but ultimately only seem to hinder their search! A search that regularly encounters ridiculous, almost surreal obstacles!


Levar Burton is Awesome

As part of their Extra-Life 2014 fund-raising the Rooster Teeth team asked the awesome Levar Burton to read the awesome Adam Mansbach’s awesome adult bedtime book “Go the Fuck to Sleep”. The entire thing is sublime.

As a father who has spent what seems like thousands of hours trying to make children go to sleep, this book echos deeply for me. Having Lever Burton read it is… sublime. © 2014 Frontier Theme