Movie Review: Captain Phillips

IMDB, Captain Phillips“Captain Phillips” on IMDB

Drama, 134 Minutes, 2013

Movies are always “based” on the true story because movies never – ever – actually stick to the true story. If Hollywood saw a guy loan a stranger a dollar for the bus, they’d make a movie about a guy who kills 50 ninjas to rescue his hostage wife… who has a dollar to give that other guy for the bus. Then the bus would explode.


Game Review: Infamous: Second Son

Boxart, Infamous Second SonReviewed on Playstation 4, Official Website

Rated “T” for Teen

Being a huge fan of the first two “InFamous” games (my review of “InFamous 2″), I was incredibly anxious for this. It was, in fact, the first disc-based PS4 game I purchased. I played it, I loved it, then promptly forgot about reviewing it. With the release of the first DLC for the game, inFamous First Light, I decided to rectify that.


Movie Review: Ghosted

IMDB, Ghosted“Ghosted” on IMDB

Drama, 102 Minutes, 2011

I was, honestly, wholly confused by this one as I walked away. The story was standard, but well done. Jack (John Lynch [IMDB]) is an older, well-heeled, model prisoner near to release. Paul (Martin Compston [IMDB]) is a vulnerable young newbie being targeted by the violent rapist that controls the block. When Jack decides to befriend and protect Paul he risks his freedom and his life.


Adding Lync or Sametime Presence Awareness to SharePoint

SharePoint Logo

When Sharepoint and Lync instant messaging are installed in the same environment, SharePoint will automatically add Lync presence awareness icons (indicating availability) to “people” links. However sometimes you may want to add presence awareness to arbitrary names or email groups, or provide similar functionality for those forced to use Lotus Sametime. This article will cover several ways to accomplish this.


SharePoint Scripting Basics: Master Pages, Caching and Loading Scripts

SharePoint Logo

SharePoint is a functional, feature-rich platform, but there is definitely room for improvement. In this article, I’ll cover some of the basic issues and solutions that you may run into when attempting to extend SharePoint with client-side scripting. It will primarily serve as a reference point for future articles where I would otherwise risk repeating myself.


Movie Review: Ravenous

IMDB, Ravenous“Ravenous” on IMDB

Horror, 101 Minutes, 1999

John Boyd (Guy Pierce [IMDB]) is a coward who failed upward during the Spanish-American War of the 1840’s. As a “reward” from his disgusted commanding officer, he’s sent to the nearly deserted Fort Spencer, high in the Sierra-Nevadas, to rot. The few other misfits posted there are, for the most part, comfortable in their near anonymity. This suits John fine. The quiet might, eventually, let him forget the horrors he’s seen.


Movie Review: The Last Showing

IMDB, The Last Showing“The Last Showing” on IMDB

Thriller, 89 Minutes, 2014

I’ll admit to a bit of a chip on my shoulder going into this. The casting of a now officially elderly Robert Englund [IMDB] seemed more stunt than substance (even if he does a decent British accent). How could a near-seventy year-old man possibly work as the protagonist of a slasher flick?

Pretty damn well, it seems.

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