Movie Review: Zootopia

IMDB, Zootopia“Zootopia” on IMDB

Family/Adventure, 108 Minutes, 2016

Consider this: A movie radically changes its premise well over a year into production, with less than 18 months to release. To support this, a secondary character is promoted to lead and a new director is brought in to partner with the existing crew. All of this comes from a team of no less than 10 writers. The entire perspective of the film altered.

The question: is this movie is a hot, steaming mess?


Create a Link to a Remedy Ticket

BMC SoftwareLike many large companies, mine uses BMC Remedy for IT Service Management. One of the seemingly simple tasks that’s often asked of us is to create a page or report that links ticket numbers to their listings in Remedy. This is more difficult that it ever should need to be, but doable with a little work. Note that the following was tested on BMC Remedy 7.6. as, unfortunately, I have no other environment to test in.


Uncharted 4 First (and Second) Impressions

Uncharted4 CoverAfter my initial disappointment with Uncharted 4’s gi-freakin’-normous day one patch, I was actually able to play it. Since Tuesday, I’ve been able to put something over ten hours into the title and have reached Chapter 12 (of 22). Yes, I’m a 45 year-old man who took a vacation day from work to play a video game. I’m a growed-up and I wanna find pirate treasure, dammit!

In a fit of hubris, having earned Platinum trophies for the three previous games, I decided to start the game on “Crushing” difficulty. Having spent the last two hours failing to progress, I’m beginning to feel that this may have been a mistake.

[Spoilers Ahead]


Uncharted 4 First Impressions (Sorta)

Uncharted 4 Collector's EditionLike many others, I took delivery of Uncharted 4 today. I got home from work, unpacked the very impressive Nathan Drake collectible statue, took a picture or two and sat down to dinner.

The collector’s set is very large, but rather sparse. The statue is the centerpiece and, at over a foot tall, towers over similar pack-ins from other games. The game, in a steel case, a small hardcover art book, some stickers and a small load of downloadable multi-player goodies are also included. It pales in comparison to the cornucopia of trinkets in the Uncharted 3 collector’s editions, but hey, it is a very impressive statue!

Look how much Drake has grown in only five years!

Look how much Drake has grown in only five years!

Uncharted has always been an event around here. Games like “Fallout 4” or  “Dragon Age” mark the beginning of a marathon. You know that you’ll be spending dozens, if not hundreds, of hours with them. “Uncharted” signals a frenzied sprint. A weekend of steady play does it for the first play-through. This is followed by another, more leisurely (and frustrating) play-through on Survival difficulty over the next week or so. Finally there’s some dabbling in multi-player then the recurrent realization that I suck at multiplayer.

So, dinner. Flying in the face of everything Nick-at-Nite ever tried to teach us, we ate spaghetti and meatballs in front of the T.V. like animals. Animals that watch “Big Bang theory”. I finished, sent the children away, removed “Fallout 4” from the PlayStation and slipped in my shiney new prize.

The game loaded quickly, then told me there was a patch. Having been burned by ignoring patches before, I let it load while I watched a fun video from Jon over at Many a True Nerd.  Then I went back. It was still loading.


Yup. I missed it at first, but that is a five gigabyte day one patch. And despite my blazing fast Intertube speed, it’s going to take… forever.

Game’ll be great. This is just a speed-bump. Real first impressions soon.

Movie and Game Review: Ratchet & Clank Reimagined

RatchetandclanklogoMy son was four in 2002 when Insomniac released the first “Ratchet and Clank” game on the PlayStation 2. He wasn’t truly able to play, but he watched me avidly and was upset if he discovered that I’d played without him. With the release of following games, they became our favorite series. We’d play through the games together, sharing our discoveries, and comparing notes. He’s 17 now (and I’m old). Will the modern reimagining of that first game and the companion feature film hold up to our idealized memories?



DP_SharePoint Update

SharePoint LogoI’ve (finally) incorporated a substantial number of improvements and new features into my JavaScript library, DP_SharePoint, designed to make working with client-side SharePoint development easier. It provides:

  • Methods to acquire JavaScript handlers to SharePoint form controls and fields. This make it much simpler to interrogate or add event handlers to SharePoint forms.
  • Simple methods to add or remove events from SharePoint form elements.
  • Simple methods to hide and show elements of SharePoint forms.
  • Methods to simplify the calling and use of SharePoint web services and ready the data returned from them for use.

It still beta – and likely will be for… ever – but I’m using it in heavily trafficked production development without problems. Except some in-depth posts about specific features over the next few months.

Comments, criticisms or suggestions are always welcome!

Movie Review: The Visit

IMDB, The Visit“The Visit” on IMDB

Thriller/Horror, 94 Minutes, 2015

As unlikely as it may seem, somebody gave M. Night Shyamalan [IMDB] money to make another movie. His last offering, 2013’s After Earth [My Review] is a truly pathetic sci-fi film. Prior to that, he proved his inability to do fantasy with The Last Airbender [IMDB]. What’s a Shyamalan to do?

Scuttle back to thrillers as quickly as possible, apparently.

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