ARS Explores Hated Design Trends

After Windows Phone 7 design (but not commercial) success, everybody has gone flat. It may have taken Apple longer than most, but they’re getting there, and the next iteration of Android will be the flattest yet. Ars Technica explores some of the downsides of this movement in “The software design trends that we love to hate“.

I agree with the completely on most points, even if I feel that the complaints about all the all caps menu in Microsoft Ribbon-based applications is a little… excessive. Still, it’s a good reminder that nothing is perfect and tastes do change. Every advance is accompanied by it’s own issues and problems.

Movie Review: Now You See Me

IMDB, Now You See Me“Now You See Me” on IMDB

Crime/Mystery, 115 Minutes, 2013

I like magic. Good magic, that is. I have an appreciation for the craft, science, dedication and sheer, brazen chutzpah that it takes to do magic well. Magicians spend nearly unbelievable amounts of time perfecting what most people would consider meaningless skills. Which is exactly why they get away with so much: people can’t believe anybody would spend so much time for apparently so little return.


Movie Review: American Hustle

IMDB, American Hustle“American Hustle” on IMDB

Crime/Drama, 138 Minutes, 2013

Con men Irving (Christian Bale [IMDB] playing the tubby, balding veteran) and Sydney (Amy Adams [IMDB] and her breasts as his brilliant protege) comfortably execute precise, just small-enough scores on people that probably deserve it. When they’re pinched by FBI agent Richie (Bradley Cooper [IMDB]), they’re forced to work with him to bring down some local hustlers.


Movie Review: The Conjuring

IMDB, The Conjuring“The Conjuring” on IMDB

Horror, 112 Minutes, 2013

The movie is based on the reports of noted paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. It presents them as learned, respected and heroic. They were none of these things. None of their evidence has ever stood up to investigation, and none of their claims have ever been confirmed. Most of their cases, such as the famous Amityville Horror, have been thoroughly debunked as hoaxes and the rest are highly explainable.


Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted

IMDB, Muppets Most Wanted“Muppets Most Wanted” on IMDB

Family, 107 Minutes, 2014

The Muppets have honed their formula to perfection in the 35 years since the original “The Muppet Movie” [my review]. There have been rough patches, but all was set right with 2011’s big-budget revival “The Muppets” [my review]. Where that film spent significant time on new characters and human relationships, this one is a return to the basics. More songs, more gags and more Muppets.

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