The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

Most people over the age of 40 will likely remember this as a weird little filler cartoon thrown between “Bugs Bunny” and “The Road Runner” on any number of random cartoon shows. As a child I remember liking this immensely, but not truly understanding it. Now that I’m older and, dare I say, wiser, I can truly appreciate it as a classic piece of film-making.

Based on the book of the same name the short was directed by the legendary Chuck Jones and was one of the last MGM shorts to be produced. In addition to many other honors, it won the 1965 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Movie Review: High School

IMDB, High School“High School” on IMDB

Comedy, 99 Minutes, 2010

Being on top is hard. Being in high school is hard. Being on top in high school is really hard. So it’s easy to forgive Henry (Mat Bush [IMDB]) for blowing off some steam when he reconnects with an old friend and, um, partakes of the herb. Problem is that his overbearing dean has also just announced mandatory drug testing for the next day. So a plan is hatched to invalidate the test by ensuring that every single person that takes it, fails it.


Movie Review: Ryan Kwanten Double Feature

IMDB, Ryan KwantenMost people know Ryan Kwanten [IMDB] from HBO’s “True Blood” [IMDB] where he plays the innocent, slightly dim, sexually charged Jason Stackhouse. On the show he’s the token human among vampires, werewolves, mediums, faeries, shape-shifters, ghosts and witches (yes, that show has gotten damn complicated). He’s the character we can identify with and who exposes our foibles in ways we can understand.


DP_DateExtensions Update

I recently received a tweet from @denndk with a very reasonable question about my JavaScript date extensions, DP_DateExtensions:

@kiwidust Just used your DateExtension lib. I see that quarterhours and businessdays in the add method is not implemented. why in the docs?

To be fair I did implement the methods. I just implemented them terribly.

First off, the “quarterhours” (and “halfhours” as well) were mistakenly calculating quarter and half minutes, not hours. Simple fix for a really dumbass mistake. Unfortunately the second issue was even dumbassier.

You see I originally released the component – and kept releasing updates for it for over six years – with no actual code in the “businessdays” calculation for the add() method. It was just plain empty. Last February I got an email mentioning this and so I fixed it. Then, a scant two months later I published an older version of the component to GitHub that didn’t have it. A year later I get a tweet.

You should be able to recognize two things: 1) nobody uses this, and 2) I’m an idiot.

In any case the component has been corrected (again) and uploaded to GitHub.

Personal Archaeology: Magazine Mentions

This cat was internet famous for a few minutes. She was also mean and dumb as a rock.

This cat was internet famous for a few minutes. She was also mean and dumb as a rock.

Way back in the history times of 1996 there were no truly “portable” computers; instead you had what were graciously called “luggables”. There was no Wi-Fi or 4G or anything else that my children annoyingly take for granted. If you wanted to read about the web when you were away from your blazing fast 486-class PC you needed to carry around a loosely bound sheaf of paper that other people had written things on.


Movie Review: The Visitant

“The Visitant” on IMDBIMDB, The Visitant

Thriller, 90 Minutes, 2014

A bunch of friends got together. They didn’t have any plans for the night. They pooled their cash and ended up with 63 dollars plus, for some reason, like ten bucks in Canadian nickels. They were well stocked with snacks. Somebody suggested that they rent a movie. Somebody suggested that they go to a movie. Somebody else suggested that they make a movie. That guy won.


Movie Review: Walk of Shame

IMDB, The Walk of Shame“Walk of Shame” on IMDB

Comedy, 95 Minutes, 2014

Meghan is a straight-laced local news anchor. When she’s turned down for a national job her friends convince her to hit the clubs and let it all hang out. After drinking too much, meeting a nice guy and heading back to his place she finds out that a) she’s still up for the job if she can get to work on time, b) that along with much of her dignity she’s also lost her money and her car and c) that she has no idea where in the hell she is.

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