JavaScript Extensions

All extensions available for free download. All extensions are covered by my Source Code Policy.

Language Enhancements

  • DP_DateExtensions: A library which extends the JavaScript date object with comprehensive date and time formatting functions and ISO 8601 compatibility (both parsing and formatting).

Development Tools

  • DP_Debug (JavaScript Debugging Extensions): This library extends the JavaScript object prototype with functions to assist in debugging. You gain the ability to “dump” any JS object to the screen for review and a type identifier with more resultion than the “typeof” operator.

Abstraction Components

  • DP_AJAX: A library that abstracts the complexity away from working with multiple HTTP calls and XML.
  • DP_PanelManager: An object which normalizes positioning, sizing, opacity, visibility and event handling of HTML elements across browsers.
  • DP_QueryString: An object which simplifies access to and manipulation of query string parameters.
  • DP_Cookies: An object which simplifies access to and manipulation of client-side cookies.
  • DP_ObCollectionOrdered: Similar to the DP_ObCollection the DP_ObCollectionOrdered (“Object Collection Ordered”) is used to mantain and manipulate multiple JavaScript objects in order (“ranked”). Using this object you can easily promote, demote, swap object ranks, return ordered lists, etc.
  • DP_ObCollection: The DP_ObCollection (“Object Collection”) is used to mantain and manipulate multiple instances of a JavaScript objects (“Members” of the collection) where the order of the objects is unimportant. The object abstracts common group tasks like adding, dropping, member type validation and so forth.

SharePoint Enhancements

  • DP_SharePoint: The DP_SharePoint library provides tools to make working with Microsoft SharePoint simpler. It provides methods to easily acquire references to SP fields for scripting, use normally unsupported link protocols and provide Lync and SameTime presence awareness.


  • DP_AlphaWords: This library converts a string to a list of words beginning with the letters of the string. For example the word “CAT” could be converted to “Charlie Alpha Tango”. The words can be used to ensure proper spelling when communicating the string to others.

Deprecated Components

These components are no longer being supported and are provided for archival purposes only.

  • DP_RequestPool: A component which simplifies the management of multiple HTTP requests in JavaScript applications. This component has been replaced by the more capable DP_AJAX.
  • DP_SharePoint_ReplaceLinks: The DP_SharePoint_ReplaceLinks library provides the ability to seamlessly use link protocols normally filtered by SharePoint in wiki pages and content editor web parts. This component has been replaced by the more capable DP_SharePoint.