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Movie Review: The Smurfs

“The Smurfs” on IMDB

Comedy, 103 Minutes, 2011

You know how every once in a while a movie comes along that looks really bad – horribly, terribly bad – but somehow manages to end up really good?  How a movie can sometimes triumph over the shortcomings of its source material and become something special? Sometimes its writing that’s smarter than it needs to be; or an oddly perfect marriage of actor and role; or even just an infectious love of something that most people consider too silly to consider?

Well – this movie ain’t none of that.


Movie Review: Mirrormask

Authored October 2005

I took my lovely bride on a date and saw “Mirrormask” at the local art house (which in our case has better screens and seating than most megaplexes).

The film is written by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean (if you don’t know who they are… well, you should), directed by McKean (his directorial debut) and features effects by the Jim Henson Company.