Lotus Notes Tribunal, Exhibit 001-F: “SmartPad Posting Options”

Lotus Notes is a crime against humanity.  In exhibit 001-F we see more of Notes contempt for your children and values.

There’s an “Actions” menu in Notes.  In there there’s an ambiguous little item called “SmartPad Posting Options”.  It sounds promising, doesn’t it?  I like smart things.  I’d love to see something smart in Notes.  In reality it’s just another example of Notes fraud; click it and you’ll see:

Yup, clear as mud: “Please Invoke SmartMail for Lotus Notes from SmartOffice”.  A subtly condescending error message assuming that I know what SmartMail is (I don’t) and that I have “SmartOffice” (I don’t).  No information about how this is related to the promised, fabled “SmartPad”.  No explanation why this option even appears if the software required to use it doesn’t exist on my system.

The smarter Notes tries to be the stupider it gets.

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