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Minecrafting: Cool World Seed

I’ve been playing with generating Minecraft worlds based on custom seeds and I came across a nifty one that happens to be super easy (for me) to remember: “I Love Carol” (or “-1731112262” for you squares) in honor of my lovely bride.  (This was done in version 12w42a, by the way.)

There’s a jungle temple (x: 22, y:74, z: 119) very near the spawn point (x: -19, y: 67, z: 249)  with quite a bit of gold.  Not far from there lies a very large plains village (14 buildings including a blacksmith’s with diamond and several wheat fields, x: 324, y: 73, z: 196).  Close by is a massive series of criss-crossing chasms with a ton of exposed coal and iron (x:321, y: 69, z: 113) and there’s a decent-sized pumpkin patch on the plains.  All of that is snuggled up to an “Extreme Hills” biome for the emerald hungry.

Further away there’s very tiny village (only two buildings,  x: -218, y: 74, z: 597) with a surface opening to an abandoned mine very close (x: -165, y: 63, z: 575).  Finally, an easy walk from this village (and intertwined with the nearby mine) is a massive fortress (the portal is at x:-178, y:11, z: 751).

Happy mining!