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I Hit the Jackpot!

Like many others, I’ve spent more than a bit of time at Moxy’s slot machines in Borderlands 2. Once you hit a few million dollars in the game, there’s not a whole heck of a lot else to do with it. After what’s felt like thousands of pulls, I finally hit the Jackpot!

Unfortunately I munged the video of the actual win, but I got this short clip of the winning machine and the legendary gun, the Texas Striker, that dropped.

Sadly, although I was level 39, the weapon was level 30 making it fun, but not that useful. I suppose that may be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but dammit, it’s my horse now and if I wanna look, I’ll look!

Thanks for the Belated Recognition, Sony!

Sony just emailed me a congratulations for getting the platinum trophy for “Infamous: Second Son“; which I earned in March of 2014. The email subject was, “You just dominated inFAMOUS Second Son“. Hooray for past accomplishments!

Congratulations from Sony

Oddly enough, I actually earned two Platinum trophies – for “Dishonored 2” and “The Order: 1886” in the past couple of days. I guess I should expect a couple emails in, say, 2021!

Dishonored 2: The Royal Conservatory No-kill Glitch

Still playing and, until now, thoroughly enjoying Dishonored 2. It may have been an error in judgement, but I decided to do my first play-through as a no-kill, no-spot, collect all the runes and bonecharms run. Unfortunately I, and many others, have hit something of a wall in Chapter 5: The Royal Conservatory.

[Minor Spoilers Ahead] The Conservatory has been overrun with witches. To beat the area without deaths, you must activate a machine that eliminates the witches powers. This can incorrectly result in some of the unconscious witches dying.

Apparently this can sometimes be rectified by determining exactly which witches won’t walk again and putting sleep darts in them before activating the device. Unfortunately this did not work for me as can be seen in the following video:

In my case, activating the machine results in four dead witches. After a significant, time-consuming search, I determined which four were dying and collected them in the burglars apartment. In my case this group included the two  would-be bushwhackers encountered outside of the Conservatory.

All four are resting comfortably on the floor and alive. Pull the switch and all four are dead. Reload and sleep dart the lot of them, then pull the switch. Now the statistics only show a single death, however examining the bodies directly show them all as dead.


You can read more about this on this Steam Discussion. Harvey Smith of Arcane Studios has also acknowledged the bug in this Twitter thread. Here’s hoping for a quick and stable patch!

Dishonored 2: Easy “Heartbeat Reaper” Trophy

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Dishonored 2. I’ll likely be writing more about it at some point, but for now, here’s a brief word on one of the trophies, “Heartbeat Reaper”. This requires you to eliminate six enemies within 1.5 seconds. I’ve seen several methods for obtaining this – attracting crowds into grenades or leveraging the new Domino ability. The key that I feel some may have missed is that your victims don’t actually need to be conscious.

Yup, that’s it. Collect a pile of unconscious dinks and toss in a grenade; one and done.

Uncharted 4 Lasting Impressions

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 3 of 3 of Uncharted 4

Uncharted4 CoverAfter my initial disappointment and mid-game thrills with Uncharted 4, I completed the game. Having let the experience sit for a couple of weeks and allowing the adrenaline to fade, I can say without exaggeration:

Best. Game. Ever.

I’ve never experienced a better meshing of character, story, setting and gameplay. Others have come close and even surpassed it in one or more areas. “Mass Effect” had greater depth, but the ending marred the experience. The “BioShock” games brought the drama, but lacked the longevity and depth. Lara Croft may be responsible for some great experiences, but failed to ever show any real growth as a character.

This brought everything together.

[Spoilers Ahead]


Uncharted 4 First (and Second) Impressions

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 2 of 3 of Uncharted 4

Uncharted4 CoverAfter my initial disappointment with Uncharted 4’s gi-freakin’-normous day one patch, I was actually able to play it. Since Tuesday, I’ve been able to put something over ten hours into the title and have reached Chapter 12 (of 22). Yes, I’m a 45 year-old man who took a vacation day from work to play a video game. I’m a growed-up and I wanna find pirate treasure, dammit!

In a fit of hubris, having earned Platinum trophies for the three previous games, I decided to start the game on “Crushing” difficulty. Having spent the last two hours failing to progress, I’m beginning to feel that this may have been a mistake.

[Spoilers Ahead]


Uncharted 4 First Impressions (Sorta)

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 1 of 3 of Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 Collector's EditionLike many others, I took delivery of Uncharted 4 today. I got home from work, unpacked the very impressive Nathan Drake collectible statue, took a picture or two and sat down to dinner.

The collector’s set is very large, but rather sparse. The statue is the centerpiece and, at over a foot tall, towers over similar pack-ins from other games. The game, in a steel case, a small hardcover art book, some stickers and a small load of downloadable multi-player goodies are also included. It pales in comparison to the cornucopia of trinkets in the Uncharted 3 collector’s editions, but hey, it is a very impressive statue!


Day 36 with Fallout 4: The Ending (or Least One of the Them)

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 36 of 36 of Fallout 4
My heroic "Hopeful" pose.

My heroic “Hopeful” pose.

I continue my play diary of Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4. This is it: the end of the game. Or, in true Fallout-style, at the least the end of this version of the main story. I can’t say that I’m pleased with the outcome, but I did enjoy the ride.

With all of the massive experience dumps of the final missions, I earned three levels. Playing on Very Hard difficulty has its tense moments, so I took the second rank of “Toughness”, which is essentially free armor. I’ve also been getting crippled fairly regularly. To address this I bumped my Endurance up to seven allowing me to take the first rank of “Adamantium Skeleton”, which reduces limb damage.

Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead!


Day 35 with Fallout 4: I become a Company Woman and the Confusion of Bunker Hill

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 35 of 36 of Fallout 4
Cait! We talked about this! Stay away from the chems!

Cait! We talked about this! Stay away from the chems!

I continue my play diary of Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4.

At the end of the session, where I’d reached level 78, I decided to splurge and spend my hoarded perk points. I’m well past the point of needing things, so I decided, instead to dig and figure out what I wanted. As I’m a heavy V.A.T.S. user and still (mostly) walking from place to place, I decided to focus on Action Point replenishment.

I first completed the second and third ranks of Grim Reaper’s Spirit. This gives me a 35% chance to restore all my action points and refill my Critical Meter after a kill in V.A.T.S. Next, I took all three ranks of Moving Target, a perk I’d all but ignored. The first rank offers +50 damage and energy resistance when sprinting. Useful for those, um, “strategic withdrawals”, but not something I was missing. That hides the real draw of the second and third ranks, each of which reduce the Action Point usage of sprinting by 50%. I can run everywhere now!

Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead!

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