Uncharted 4 First Impressions (Sorta)

Uncharted 4 Collector's EditionLike many others, I took delivery of Uncharted 4 today. I got home from work, unpacked the very impressive Nathan Drake collectible statue, took a picture or two and sat down to dinner.

The collector’s set is very large, but rather sparse. The statue is the centerpiece and, at over a foot tall, towers over similar pack-ins from other games. The game, in a steel case, a small hardcover art book, some stickers and a small load of downloadable multi-player goodies are also included. It pales in comparison to the cornucopia of trinkets in the Uncharted 3 collector’s editions, but hey, it is a very impressive statue!

Look how much Drake has grown in only five years!

Look how much Drake has grown in only five years!

Uncharted has always been an event around here. Games like “Fallout 4” or  “Dragon Age” mark the beginning of a marathon. You know that you’ll be spending dozens, if not hundreds, of hours with them. “Uncharted” signals a frenzied sprint. A weekend of steady play does it for the first play-through. This is followed by another, more leisurely (and frustrating) play-through on Survival difficulty over the next week or so. Finally there’s some dabbling in multi-player then the recurrent realization that I suck at multiplayer.

So, dinner. Flying in the face of everything Nick-at-Nite ever tried to teach us, we ate spaghetti and meatballs in front of the T.V. like animals. Animals that watch “Big Bang theory”. I finished, sent the children away, removed “Fallout 4” from the PlayStation and slipped in my shiney new prize.

The game loaded quickly, then told me there was a patch. Having been burned by ignoring patches before, I let it load while I watched a fun video from Jon over at Many a True Nerd.  Then I went back. It was still loading.


Yup. I missed it at first, but that is a five gigabyte day one patch. And despite my blazing fast Intertube speed, it’s going to take… forever.

Game’ll be great. This is just a speed-bump. Real first impressions soon.

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  1. I’m on Xbox One so no Nathan Drake for me! Played 1-3 on my PS3. Loved 1, loved 2 even more but 3 was a bit weird for me (extended “drugged” sequence).

    Going to milk Fallout 4 for all it’s worth, still yet to max affinity with all companions (I have all except X6-88) and finish all side quests. So much content…

    Hope to be able to borrow a friend’s PS4 and copy of the game in Dec for a week or two… 😀

  2. Uncharted 2 was a masterpiece… three was a fun game that pretty much crapped on all the characters. I’m a softy: I want lots and lots of Drake and Elena! U3 just kind of shuffled people from one set-piece to another.

    Happily U4 did, finally patch and I played most of the evening (to the annoyance of my children). I’ll post something tomorrow but so far, so very, very (very) good!

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