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Marian Call for the Holidays!

Marian Call is awesome. This is a scientific fact in the field of science generally referred to as Awesomology. It may be gilding the lily, but she’s gone and made her herself even more awesome by releasing a new album of holiday tracks! You can sample all of the tracks below and then head over to Bandcamp and pay what you like.

While you’re there, why not check out her other albums. No reason at all, that’s why! I defy anybody to listen to “Good Morning Moon” and not smile.

Five Albums I’d Never Heard of Before I Loved Them

I like music, but I’m not a “music person”.  I don’t read up on the industry, look for new releases or know who used-to-be-with-who and so forth.  Most of the music I buy is either stuff that I’ve been listening to for years or stuff that I get introduced to through unconventional sources.  Here are five albums that were introduced to me through odd channels that ended up becoming some of my all-time favorites.