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Somebody Played VVVVVV

Somebody played VVVVVV and made a video about it! Somebody I know! Somebody who lives in my house and eats my food and who used to be a whole lot shorter but is now taller than me!

My son, you see, he made a video. He swears a lot because he’s not going to let the man (meaning me) censor his art!

(I’m not completely convinced that the phrase “shit-fuck-a-dolphin” is covered by artistic freedom.)

Game Review: Black-Mesa

Black Mesa, Resonance Cascade“Black Mesa” Official Website

Unrated; Reviewed on PC

Black Mesa is an unauthorized, total recreation of Valve Software’s 1998’s seminal classic “Half-Life” using the Source Engine pioneered in “Half-Life 2”.  The large, all-volunteer team spent over eight-years to reach this point and released the first portion of the game, encompassing the first 13 chapters of the 17 chapter game.  Only the questionable “Xen” final sequence of the game has been eliminated but will reportedly be released by the end of the year.


Game Review: Rag Doll Kung Fu (PC)

Authored October 2005, Originally appeared at GameSpot

In many ways the game really is an achievement.  A single programmer (and I presume some friends) did it and also produced downright hilarious 70’s Kung Fu movie parodies for the cut-scenes.

The game looks and sounds impressive as well – there’s no sense of amateurishness here.  Essentially the game is a side-scrolling brawler.  “Street Fighter” or “Final Fight” style with 3-D characters.

Game play is intriguing and innovative… but, I think flawed.