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Movie Review: Cabin in the Woods

IMDB, Cabin in the Woods“Cabin in the Woods” on IMDB

Horror,  95 Minutes, 2011

Clever movies are more fun.  It’s not that movies have to be clever to be fun or that clever movies are always fun – but take any regular dumb movie and make it clever and you have more fun.  For example take the plot where a bunch of friends drive up to a ridiculously remote cabin that they’ve never been before and then get picked off in ones and twos by zombies, cannibals, demons, ghosts, rednecks, rabid weasels or what-have-you.  That’s not a clever plot.  That’s a clichéd, hackneyed, dime-a-dozen plot.  “Cabin in the Woods” takes that tired plot and makes it clever.

“Cabin in the Woods” is insanely fun.


Movie Review: Orcs

“Orcs” on IMDB

Horror / Comedy, 77 Minutes, 2011

While far from good this was actually, amazingly, pretty good.   While you’ll get a lot of laughs from the acting (all bad but some was truly, horribly, hilariously bad) you’ll also get some from the actual script from things the writer wrote down then made his friends say on camera.  You laugh at things actually intended to be funny.  None of it is genius but just the existence of competence at this level goes a hell of long way.