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Movie Review: The Hateful Eight

“The Hateful Eight” on IMDBIMDB, The Hateful Eight

Western/Drama, 187 Minutes, 2015

One thing can be said for Quentin Tarantino [IMDB] films: they’re easy to dismiss. Before a tirade about how over-rated his films are, you’ll often hear “too violent”, “too long” or “too complicated”. Tarantino’s films are hard. They require a commitment from the audience that some are unwilling to make. “The Hateful Eight” is no different.


Movie Review: Django Unchained

IMDB, Django Unchained“Django Unchained” on IMDB

Western, 165 Minutes, 2012

Oooh, this was good.  Real good.  Real God-damn good.

Quentin Tarantino’s genius really doesn’t lie, in my opinion, in filmmaking.  Taken scene for scene, line for line he really isn’t technically better than anybody else.  His genius is being able translate his love of film into a modern context and thus expose entirely new generations to the artistic languages of all-but-dead genres.  He’s delved into pulp crime (“Reservoir Dogs” [IMDB] and “Pulp Fiction” [IMDB]), horror (“From Dusk ‘Til Dawn” [IMDB]), Hong-Kong martial arts (“Kill Bill” [IMDB]), World War II (“Inglorious Basterds” [IMDB]) and several others.