End of an Era, Start of Something New

DepressedPress.com has existed for more than 15 years on dedicated hardware. Back in my heyday it was completely worth it: I was making excellent side-money consulting, there were technologies and problems normal people could still address and the web still seemed like a relatively small place. But as time wore on andthe bubble burst and I moved away from development professionally I was tending to it less and less.

Having kids, buying a house, changing careers meant less time and inclination to dig into the code. When I finally realized that I hadn’t made any significant new contributions to the site in almost four years I decided it was time to retire the cost of dedicated server. I balked at simply eliminating the site completely however so I’ve decided to, like many other, cobble together some of the many free services available and keep the stuff I’m still proud of available.

Free web hosting may not be the most versatile option – in fact it’s been a real pain in the ass – but it’s fast and friendly. Right now in my life I need fast and friendly. So the next months I will spend migrating content here and, I hope, adding new material as well.

Updated: March 2, 2011 — 3:06 pm

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