Max the Fixer

I have been getting flooded with scam calls from people claiming to work for Microsoft and wanting me to give them access to my computer so that they can “fix it”.  The kids they have working the boiler room are incredibly, insanely, hilariously inept so I spent some time with one of them.  Max.  Max the Fixer.

To be clear: this is a scam.  While I do not work with Microsoft I’m sure they will agree: nobody legitimate will EVER call you out of the blue to work on your computer for free.  Nobody, at no company, ever in the history of the microchip.  If you know what you’re doing spending time with these people can make for an interesting diversion; otherwise just hang up.

Consider this a reminder to review this kind of scam with the people you love and support.  It’s painfully clear that this will overwhelmingly target the elderly.  Empower them with the ability to say “No” to these lowlifes.  Free to link or re-blog this as you like.

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