Movie Review: Independence Day

IMDB, Independence Day“Independence Day” on IMDB

Sci-fi, 145 Minutes, 1996

Why the hell not watch this today? You think it’s some kind of cliché? Something that displays a lack of imagination? Well, what the hell are you watching, if you’re so smart? Some kind of weird foreign movie with a smart script, interesting story and no explosions?

I guess that does sound pretty good, actually. Still, this is Independence Day! Monuments up in dust! Jeff Goldblum [IMDB] saving the world with a MacBook! Will Smith [IMDB] saying “Welcome to Earth” very clearly! Judd Hirsch [IMDB] as the Jewiest man ever!

The movie also has Randy Quaid [IMDB]! Now I’ve always been a fan of the Quaidster; he’s a decent actor and seems like a nice enough guy. I had absolutely no idea how important he was! IMDB’s bio (which, I shit you not, actually begins with the following) truly enlightened me:

Hollywood’s most extreme character star…. Randy Quaid has never been timelier. Randy, a man who took a bus to Hollywood with nothing but raw talent, is now a proven and current vast and varied star with that one other sustaining asset – he is a great and much admired actor on the world’s stage and television and feature film screens and an actor that has been recognized by Hollywood and the worlds finest directors.

What more could you ask for in a movie? You know, aside from originality, plot, three-dimensional characters and depth.



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  1. lol. Didn’t Randy Quaid go off the rails and hole up somewhere with his wife because he thought “they” were going to kill him? I love and loathe Independence Day: it’s very silly and very satisfying. Although it’s shit, at least it’s well-made shit, unlike most recent big-budget summer smash-em-up blockbusters.

    1. I’ve no idea about Quaid, really. Honestly I was originally going to write this up as the only move ever where Randy Quaid saved the world… then I read his bio on IMDB and couldn’t stop giggling over it.

      For the movie itself – you hit the nail squarely on the head. It just goes to show that stupid fun is still, at the very least, fun.

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