Phonetic Alphabet Fun

I spent more than a little time learning about the history and multiple styles of phonetic alphabets when putting together DP_AlphaWords (which supports eight different standards plus a couple of just-for-fun additions). I’m not an expert, but I’m definitely an interested amateur.

So when a reader by the name of Lurie brought The Phonetic Alphabet according to Google – 2015 to my attention, I was intrigued. Eliran Ouzan of collated all of the single-letter search suggestions from each of the regional editions of Google and created an interesting infographic of the results.

So, for example, instead of saying “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” when things get odd, you might just say “Walmart Target Facebook”. I considered adding it to DP_AlphaWords, but as I’m lazy and this is bound to change regularly, I decided against it.

Still, its an interesting exercise, even if it does reveal some potentially uncomfortable things about the power of branding and global marketing.

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