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Extra Life 2017 Marathon is Done!

Extra-Life LogoThe Extra-Life 2017 Marathon has completed! Our team’s, the Vidiots, fourth year ended with nearly $1100 in donations! The the entire event topped 7.3 Million dollars.

We continue to welcome your donations!

Many of our participants have YouTube Channels of their own. Why not give them a look?

Thanks to all that participated for another great year!

Extra Life 2017 Marathon is Go!

Extra-Life LogoThe Extra-Life 2017 Marathon has started! This is our team’s, the Vidiots, fourth year of participation. We’re only two hours into the event and we stand at $467 in donations!

Since 2008 Extra Life has raised over $30 Million for children. We welcome your donations!


We decided to “keep it simple” this year. By “we”, I mean “me”, since we’ve been overrun by multiple full gaming rigs, multiple TVs, many new and classic consoles and hundreds of feet of wire.

We’re not really “organized”, but for now at least, you can catch a stream of some of the goings on at Kodyurem on YouTube, the channel of one of our team members.

Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see!

Extra Life 2017 Marathon is November 4!

Extra-Life LogoThe Extra-Life 2017 Marathon is less than three weeks away! November 4th will mark our team, the Vidiots, fourth year of participation. In that time our team has raised over $2,000 to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Since 2008 Extra Life has raised over $30 Million for children. We welcome your donations and invite you to join our team if you’re so inclined!


We’ve got a PS4, a PS3, a small cabal of Nintendo Switches and an eager gaggle of classic 16-bit systems. We’ve got a tower of board and card games and Our Steam Link is ready to bring PC games to our TV and a proud, lonely PlayStation Vita stands united with a short-stack of Nintendo DS’s for private play. Controllers are charged and stacked like cordwood. Plentiful snacks are at hand! Caffeinated beverages are standing by!

Folks. We. Are. Ready!