Movie Review: Just Go With It

“Just Go With It” on IMDB

Comedy, 117 Minutes, 2011

You know if you’ll like this before you see it.  Nothing I can say can ever change that.  Lord help us all.

Like any of the recent rash of Rom-Coms there are few giggles here and, yes, there are some gratuitous (thanks!) scenes of Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston in bikinis – but damn, there’s not much else.  I guess Bailee Madison was cute enough – given a decent script she might actually be more than yet another “kid that talks like a grown up for our amusement”.

Really tho’: are Jennifer Aniston’s movies purposefully getting stupider?  Is she trying to out-do “Three’s Company” for the silliest plot prize or something?  I mean “The Bounty Hunter” was ridiculous – but somewhat, kinda made sense.  “Hey, what if a bounty hunter had to bring in his ex-wife?”

The we got “The Switch” wherein a woman is impregnated – unknowingly to both of them – with her best-friend’s sperm.  The twists of logic that needed were impressive, let me tell you!  Now this one…. jeeze.  You might as well just check your brain at the door because it’s going to break otherwise.  The stupidity of each lie is superseded only by the stupidity of the actions taken to preserve it.  This, of course, makes you despise the characters for being too obtuse to see it.

So you end up with unlikable characters with horrible motivations in unbelievable circumstances and we’re supposed to what?  Cry at the end?  Maybe it’s got something to do with my penis… my wife liked it.

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