Movie Review: Bad Teacher

“Bad Teacher” on IMDB

Comedy, 92 Minutes, 2011:

Despite a surprisingly convincing performance by Cameron Diaz as a complete bitch the movie just ends up falling flat.  There are definitely some giggles and it’s not completely unenjoyable but despite a sometimes valiant struggle it simply doesn’t reach its potential.

One of the primary issues is that movie works very hard to make its lead character unlikable while the rest of the characters are so unbelievable as to be dismissable almost immediately.  They’re ridiculous caricatures that provide fodder for some predictable laughs but nothing organic or truly delightful.

The inevitable change of heart comes in too late and too abruptly to be satisfying.  Since we see no ramifications for her actions all we’re left with is a questionable moral: if you’re a really BIG dick you’ll end up with everything you ever didn’t know you needed.

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