Movie Review: Priest

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Horror/Sci-Fi, 87 Minutes, 2011

Apocalyptic wastelands, vampires and related monsters, bad-ass futuristic motorcycles and ass-kicking ninja priests.  Yeah; I like this movie.

Just about any criticism you might want to level is probably valid.  It was a little vapid.  The whole wild-west vibe never really gelled completely and the character interactions were kind of stilted.  But still – ass-kicking ninja priests!

I really love Paul Bettany in just about everything.  Karl Urban is also consistently underrated and makes a fine turn as a villain here.  Maggie O, on the other hand, is underused as a generic hot-girl-ass-kicker.

The world they built was interesting, but the construction was a little heavy-handed.  Rather than explain things organically in the story we get a heavily narrated, animated introduction.  It did get the exposition out-of-the-way, but set an odd tone.

Yes, the movie’s superficial and unabashedly pop-corn but that’s just fine.  They stopped making “Blade” movies after all: somebody has to step-up!  Lord knows there’s enough sparkly, smoldering vampire dry-humping littering the screens – somebody has to kick some vampire ass!

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  1. Nice review. I had no interest in it before, but I might check it out now.

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