Movie Review: Footloose

“Footloose” on IMDB

Drama/Comedy, 113 Minutes, 2011

Some movies can be judged for their quality.  The quality of the performances, the script, the effects, staging or any number of things.  Others can be judged for their passion or their commitment to their subjects and still others for their social stances.

So what do you do with a movie that just isn’t needed?

It’s not a bad movie – even bad movies have their place – it’s just totally unnecessary.  The original was always more iconic than truly good but honestly earned its position in pop culture.  It came out in 1984 but nearly thirty-years later it’s aged well.

So what does a completely straight, totally uninspired remake offer beside replacing Walkmans with iPods?  Pretty much nothing.  If you simply can’t stand seeing CRT TV’s and 80’s hairstyles then go ahead, watch this one.  For everybody else just watch the original.

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