Star Wars Day!

A New Hope on IMDB

The Empire Strikes Back on IMDB

Return of the Jedi on IMDB

There are few bonding experiences more important to geek dads than sharing the original trilogy with their children.  As this is the first Star Wars Day in several years that falls on a non-School Day (and the men-folk happen to be alone all evening) we’re making a full day of it: friends, all three films, popcorn and pizza.

Since we’re still waiting for George Lucas to pull his head out of his ass (or suffocate up there and let somebody else run things) and release the theatrical versions on Blu-Ray we’re watching the DVD versions.  I’m not quite as rabid as some about the special editions but they do deserve at least a measure of the derision they get.

Between the movies we’ll be watching Troops and Hardware Wars, two of the best fan parodies ever created.  You can find these – and hundreds of others – at the excellent Star Wars Fan Films page.  For a rare treat don’t miss Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut:

Casey Pugh organized thousands of fans to re-film every second of “A New Hope” in 15-second snippets.  The result is an amazing melange of live-action, animation and puppetry of every conceivable quality level.  It’s one of the most original experiments ever attempted and all the more impressive that he saw the task through to completion.  A stunning achievement and a must-see for any fan.

However you spend today (even if you spend it watching the even-numbered Trek films purely out of spite) I hope that you’re able to spend it happily with people you love.

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