Movie Review: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

“Jeff, Who Live at Home” on IMDB

Comedy, 83 Minutes, 2011

This is a surprisingly brilliant little movie.  While there is a rather hippy-dippy message at the core the wrappings are so charming even somebody as jaded as myself can forgive it.

Ed Helms has proven himself more versatile that most people will give him credit for and Jason Segal is well on his way to doing the same.  Judy Greer is absolutely wonderful in anything and Susan Sarandon, who has been a little hit or miss lately, is back in fine form.

One tangent that I’ll probably spend too much time on: this movie is rated “R”.  Supposedly for “language including sexual references and some drug use.”  A guy said “handjob” (maybe said it twice) and another guy had some pot.  I think somebody might have said “fuck” but it could also have been “frick”.

“Bambi” was more offensive than this film.  A bunch of flowers is more offensive than this film.  If, after you watch this, you are not convinced that we finally have to do away with the complete idiocy that is the Motion Picture Association of America then you are rather clearly rated “dumbass”.

This is a quiet, soulful little movie.  It’s funny – you will laugh – but that’s not the point of it.  A movie that plucks at your emotions so persistently and so obviously can really only succeed if it’s so damn charming that you don’t mind being manipulated.  The term “feel good” is annoyingly trite and thrown around blindly but this movie actually deserves it.

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