RiffTrax Live: Birdemic

As a belated birthday treat for my son my lovely bride and I took him and a van load of his dumbass friends to see the latest RiffTrax Live event from the fine folks at RiffTrax (presented by Fathom Events).  The movie this time out was the modern crapterpiece “Birdemic” [my less than charitable review].

Birdemic was made for this.  Not only did Mike, Bill and Kevin make suffering through the movie enjoyable they quite literally turned the experience into the funniest experience I’ve had with a movie… well, since the last “RiffTrax Live”.

The experience is not unlike inviting a bunch of friends over to watch bad movies.  The difference here is that the screen is 40′ tall, you have 300 friends and you don’t know any of their names.  It’s some of the purest, simplest fun you’ll ever have in a theater, hands down.

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