Let’s Try Science!

Science Party KitMy daughter wanted a “Science Party” for her eleventh birthday and we did our best to accommodate!  We did fake snot, Owl Pellets, Mentos and soda geysers and, the biggest hit, a whole big tub of Oobleck!

Each kid got a science kit to take home with safety goggles and gloves, pen and paper and a manual with all of the experiments.  Included was an owl pellet kit (an owl pellet, plastic gloves, poking sticks and a specimen container), a Mentos kit (a homemade delivery tool and a roll of Mentos) and a fake snot kit (a premeasured cup and spoon for stirring).  All of this came in a toy bucket.

Between Harbor Freight (cheap goggles and gloves), the local dollar store (notepads, pens, the buckets and other odds’n’ends) and Sam’s Club (Mentos, soda and lots of corn starch) each kit cost less than ten bucks.  Even with the huge amount of corn starch, cake and other extras the entire party cost about the same as any family fun center party.

Admittedly it was a lot of work and time to get things ready but the payoff was great.  I honestly hope that this will be one party that these kids will never forget.  They might have even accidentally learned something!

Updated: June 19, 2014 — 7:38 pm

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