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Historical Drama, 150 Minutes, 2012:

This is an excellent historical drama.  There are some amazing performances, notably by Daniel Day-Lewis [IMDB] and Tommy Lee Jones [IMDB].  Focusing almost exclusively on the little understood, but intensely interesting, fight to pass the 13th amendment it’s a movie that every American should watch and understand.

But, it appears, some people still hated it.  The following are excerpts from one-star reviews available at the Internet Movie Database.

In the review, “Joseph Goebbels Would Have Loved This Movie“, user txsecede is clear that the movie was designed as anti-Republican propaganda:

It’s disturbing to realize how many Americans get their news from Jon Stewart and their history lessons from Steven Spielberg. Even though Republicans were responsible for getting the 13th Amendment passed, this movie managed to portray Democrats as the heroes and conservative Republicans as the villains.

Another user, ticklegear, wants to make sure that we all know what Lincoln was really thinking.

The emancipation Proclomation was just a political stunt by lincoln to try to suck up the the extreme liberals of his day and gain support for his war. But afer the war he found himself stuck with the anti slavery/pro black stance because he had touted it so much during the war. Prior to the war he was loudly and openly calling for sending all blacks in America back to Africa wholesale whether they were from there or not and banishing all blacks, free and otherwise, from society so no one would have to be around them.

DMWhite50 knows the real reason the movie was made: to deify Lincoln!

Anyone who tells you differently either is lying, politically correct, or worshiping at the pagan altar of Abe Lincoln (who was really a tyrant and a war criminal who killed 600,000 people and fought a total war against noncombatants over economics and against the Jeffersonian principle of the right of sovereignty and self-determination–and not- not about slavery! Lincoln was a racist, and despite publicity to the contrary, never freed one slave!)

Stan Jensen also knows the real reason the movie was made: to attack Lincoln!

Watching this movie instead focuses most of its energy on largely unsubstantiated assertions that in order to pass the 13th amendment Lincoln bribed, paid off and lied to various politicians. And assertions that Lincoln bent or broke the law and what was right in the name of a good cause. While no man is perfect and Lincoln may have had faults a movie focusing on shady and disingenuous acts is unfair to Lincoln and to America and reads more like a political statement or propaganda piece.

Suprisingly, Diwali-Jumbonads also knows the reason the movie was made: to glamorize capitalism!

If the American capitalist think that by depicting Lincoln as a hero /War hero to attract young modern movie-goers, then it is a pure stupidity.  If the American capitalist want to make a propaganda to justify its “unique and indispensable” role in America Modern Society, then this movie is an insult to many young but educated modern Americans.

User Ter Ter is confused why the movie was made in the first place:

This title is so bad I don’t even dare cast my $$ onto watchin it. I mean, why would you want to make a film about this particular moment in America’s history when sooo many people died. I mean, it happened, was for a good cause ( so they say ) but, why would you make a movie about it so that everyone can relive this moments trough a movie.

While there’s a lot more crazy out there I have to admit my favorite one-star reviews are those that focus on the lack of action in the movie.  Since this is the Internet they assign the movie the worst possible rating available; in short, they say, it’s too dull and that makes it one of the worst movies ever made in the history of film.

Gotta love the Internet.

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