Yay for arbitrarily celebrated numbers!  I just recently reached 100 followers of which I’m absolutely confident that at least four are not just spamming, fake-liking media whores.  Not bad, I’ve decided with no basis for comparison, for a two-and-half year-old blog full of random, sporadic, inscrutable content.  If you’re snickering at my paltry 100 followers, well, I didn’t want to brag but I also get at least 25 hits a day.  That’s every day, my friend.

I really only started the blog to keep my old code components, still used by a handful of people, up and available.  I then decided that I want to write about something, something specifically not-work, at least once a week as a kind of palette cleanser for a job chock full of overviews, ad hoc reports and technical writing.  I had absolutely no intention of writing as many movie reviews as I do but I really like movies and find it relaxing.

So thanks to everybody that’s bothered to take a look!

Updated: September 15, 2013 — 6:43 pm

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