Movie Review: White House Down

IMDB, White House Down“White House Down” on IMDB

Action, 131 Minutes, 2013

Straight from the “Die Hard” [IMDB] home kit comes this story of a struggling everyman whose dream is becoming a secret service agent to impress his precocious, politics obsessed daughter. When the White House is attacked by a team of terrorists (white terrorists, you racist) he teams up with the action, kung-fu grip president and gets the job done!

All of the “Die Hard” hits that you love are here. There’s inept command decisions that ignore the smartest person in the room. There’s the terrorist out for revenge because his friend was killed by the everyman. There’s the dumbass reporters that places the lives of hostages in even greater danger. There’s an evil hacker that spews one-liners and talks to himself. Hell, a guy even runs about without shoes – well, without one shoe  – for a while.

Sure, you’ve seen most of these before but they’re classics for a reason and done well here. The plot gets a little more complicated than it needs to be, but only at the very end. The ending is pretty anti-climatic but they made up for it by adding a cute kid that does something insane and patriotic. Truly, my wife actually teared up… god-damn little girl with her flag and her selflessness and her great big, throbbing sense of nationalism!

America! Fuck ya!

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