Movie Review: Girl Most Likely

IMDB, Girl Most Likely“Girl Most Likely” on IMDB

Comedy, 103 Minutes, 2012

Imogene (Kristen Wiig [IMDB]) did it! She escaped her crazy family – and New Jersey – found a great guy and is finally making it in New York City. She is absolutely ready to enjoy the very best years of her life! That is, at least, until her career and relationship hit the shitter. That sends her straight into nervous breakdown territory and she’s forced to move back in with her mother.

I had trouble getting behind this one, folks. There are definite high points. For example, her manchild-brother’s (Christopher Fitzgerald [IMDB]) not-so-subtle cry for help in the form of a turtle suit designed to let you hide when the outside world gets too overwhelming. Matt Dillion’s [IMDB] turn as the possibly insane love of her mother’s life is also bizarre, but fun.

While some of the side characters and ideas are interesting, the main story is dull and uninspired. Wiig is an impressively talented performer, but Imogene is annoying, needy and manipulative in all the worst ways. The subplots that are generated are epic in number, but most are abandoned or serve as nothing more than confusing distractions.

The movie is like a cookie with just one or two chocolate chips in it. Is it supposed to be a chocolate chip cookie or did the chips just slip in accidentally? Did this movie succeed in what it set out to do and I was simply unable to appreciate it, or did it try to be something else and it just failed?

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