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Movie Review: Movie 43

Movie 43“Movie 43” on IMDB

Comedy, 94 Minutes, 2013

Movies like this collect well-known celebrities and, probably by intimating that they lack of a sense of humor if they won’t, convince them to spend a day or two creating often raunchy, but generally below average, short comedy films.  These are then thrown together with a loose wrapper story and tossed out to the public.


Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

IMDB, Cloud Atlas“Cloud Atlas” on IMDB

Drama/Sci-fi, 172 Minutes, 2012

I had been attracted to this by the trailers but lost track of it until I noticed it available on Amazon Instant Video.  I couldn’t honestly remember what about it attracted me.  I knew that Tom Hanks [IMDB] seems to pick scripts well and that I’d never been completely disappointed by the Wachowski’s.  We ended up watching it, my lovely bride and I, without bothering to get any more information on it.

We loved it.  Both of us.  We didn’t understand shit.  Neither of us.


Movie Review: Drive-in Horrorshow

“Drive-in Horrorshow” on IMDB

Horror,  107 Minutes, 2009

Low budget horror movies can take several directions.  Some attempt a tone of such complete, sincere seriousness that they can do nothing but fail when delivered by terrible actors.  Others veer off to the other extreme where they attempt to downplay their shortcomings with parody or comedy.  These tend to fail even more completely because parody and comedy aren’t remotely the shortcuts these folks think they are.  In fact they’re almost impossible to pull off correctly.