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Movie Review: This Film is Not Yet Rated

“This Film is Not Yet Rated” on IMDB

Documentary, 97 Minutes, 2006

This was a good, but unfortunately flawed, look into a topic that simply should get more attention.  An NC-17 rating is essentially a death-sentence for a film in the United States.  Most theaters won’t present it, most video stores won’t stock it.  Walmart and Target, accounting for a huge percentage of video sales, won’t carry it.


Movie Review: Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics

“Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics” at IMDB

Documentary, 90 Minutes, 2010

Full disclosure: I’m a comic geek.

That said this was an excellent introduction to the history of one of the most influential companies in history.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern – these characters are known universally.  They have touched billions of people with their stories over the past 75 years.