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Movie Review: Dear Mr. Watterson

IMDB, Dear Mr Watterson“Dear Mr. Watterson” on IMDB

Documentary, 89 Minutes, 2013

Do you like “Calvin and Hobbes”? Of course you do, you’re not an idiot! Everybody does. (Well, everybody except for sad, attention-craving contrarians who scream, “that sucks, now pay attention to me!” about everything great.) By taking the position that something everybody loves is great the movie sets itself a pretty easy row to hoe.


Dear Mr. Watterson Official Trailer

If anybody deserves a tribute documentary it’s Bill Watterson, creator of “Calvin and Hobbes“.  He produced one of, if not the, most beloved comic strip of all times, fought tirelessly for artistic freedom on the comics pages and chose to forgo a significant fortune by refusing to merchandise his creation.

The film looks to set exactly the right tone of fun, awe and respect.  It will be in (a very limited number of) theaters and available digitally on Nov. 15.  A large assortment of DVD and Blu-Ray bundles are also available for pre-order at the official website.

Movie Review: Catfish

IMDB, Catfish“Catfish” on IMDB

Documentary, 87 Minutes, 2010

To begin with there is, apparently, a raging debate regarding this film.  One camp is absolutely positive that this was a completely scripted, produced false documentary in the vein of “Blair Witch” or “Paranormal Activity”.  Another camp is certain that this is an honest, straight documentary.  Still others argue that the truth lies some where in-between.  For my part I won’t take a position beyond that offered by the filmmakers: they say the movie wasn’t staged so that’s how I’ll treat it.


Movie Review: I Am Comic

IMDB, I am Comic“I Am Comic” on IMDB

Documentary, 87 Minutes, 2010

I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy (although I’m a big hater of clubs – I neither drink nor smoke – so I almost never go out to see it).  It’s truly one of the purest forms of performance.  Most comics author and perform their own material in front of small, often distracted (and drunken) audiences.  They might travel for months on end to stand on tiny stages under blinding lights and do dozens of shows in a week.


Movie Review: Superheroes

Superheroes Poster“Superheroes” on IMDB

Documentary, 90 Minutes, 2011

Only a small minority of people will ever donate their time and energy to the betterment of others.  An even smaller minority would ever consider joining a neighborhood watch.  Of that group only a tiny minority would actually exert effort outside their own neighborhood and even fewer would specifically target the very worst urban areas.  Within this tiny minority of selfless, giving people there is a vanishingly small subset – barely registering a wedge on the pie chart – of people who do all of that while wearing a costume.