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Movie Review: Bait

IMDB, Bait“Bait” on IMDB

Horror, 93 Minutes, 2012

The “sharks in places that aren’t the ocean” genre has been woefully under served lately. Sure, we have enough “Sharknado” movies to field a Little League team, but purists rightfully scoff at these periodic, vacuous money grabs. They know that real “sharks in places that aren’t the ocean” movies have something more, something truer. They have heart.


Movie Review: Odd Thomas

IMDB, Odd Thomas“Odd Thomas” on IMDB

Thriller/Mystery/Horror, 97 Minutes, 2013

[Personal Note: my wife and I finished this movie and, as you’ll see, enjoyed it thoroughly. I began writing the review and, a short while later, learned that Anton Yelchin had died. Considering the subject matter of the film, this created some eerie sensations to say the least. He was a damn good actor and seemed like a damn fine human.]


Movie Review: The Visit

IMDB, The Visit“The Visit” on IMDB

Thriller/Horror, 94 Minutes, 2015

As unlikely as it may seem, somebody gave M. Night Shyamalan [IMDB] money to make another movie. His last offering, 2013’s After Earth [My Review] is a truly pathetic sci-fi film. Prior to that, he proved his inability to do fantasy with The Last Airbender [IMDB]. What’s a Shyamalan to do?

Scuttle back to thrillers as quickly as possible, apparently.


Ash Wednesday Review: The Whole Damn Evil Dead Franchise

The Evil Dead Franchise

In the late 1970’s three friends, Sam Raimi [IMDB], Rob Tapert [IMDB] and Bruce Campbell [IMDB] were 20-somethings desperately trying to avoid mediocre lives. Nurturing life-long interests in film, they decided to pool their resources – all $1600 of them – and spent a weekend making a short horror film.

There will be spoilers ahead.


Movie Review: As Above, So Below

IMDB, As Above, So Below“As Above, So Below” on IMDB

Horror/Drama, 93 Minutes, 2014

Found-footage is a genre that just won’t die. The well is fouled and rank, but Directors keep dipping in, audiences keep lapping it up and, yes, I keep reviewing them. Gimmicks distract, even when used well, and this is one gimmick that’s run it’s course. It does nothing positive for this movie. We get video from handheld cams, helmet cams, body cams and, like all found-footage, impossible cams.


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