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Movie Review: Iron Man 3

IMDB, Iron Man 3“Iron Man 3” on IMDB

Action, 130 Minutes, 2013

[By way of explanation, this review was written on Sept 19.  I may have also sent the spellchecker into a neurotic spiral of depression.]

Ahoy, maties!  This be the third picture show in the “Iron Man” series.  Comin’ in the roiling wake of “The Avengers” [IMDB] it struggles like a drunkin’ tar heaved overboard.  Our rum-soaked sea-dog, Tony Stark, is now bedeviled by panic attacks, insomnia and insecurity after saving the whole of the seven seas from an alien boarding party in New York.


Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

“The Amazing Spider-Man” on IMDB

Action, 136 Minutes, 2012

No matter where you fall on the question of a character reboot this soon after the Sam Raimi trilogy or the whole “Mary Jane Watson versus Gwen Stacey” thing or even the “biologic versus mechanical web shooters” decision it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a damn good movie.  That said it’s impossible to talk about this without drawing comparisons to Sam Raimi’s masterful effort released a very short 10 years ago – but we’re not bitter!


Movie Review: The Avengers

“The Avengers” on IMDB

Action Adventure, 143 Minutes, 2012

Was there really any chance this would be a bad film?  All of the prequel films (with the arguable exception of “The Incredible Hulk” [IMDB] which I personally felt was an unneeded remake) were top-notch.  The studio enlisted geek God Joss Whedon to write and direct.  The marketing machine has been running non-stop for months.  Of course the best laid plans always have a chance to explode in one’s face but this was as much of a lock as I’ve ever seen.


Movie Review: Thor

“Thor” on IMDB

Action/Adventure, 115 Minutes, 2011

Good movie.  Took my son, he enjoyed it as well.

I never personally read Thor (or many Marvel comics, being a DC Universe kind of guy) so I had very little background to go on, but I believe they struck the right tone here.  For fans of the other Avenger movies (“The Hulk”, “Iron Man”, etc) there are plenty of inside-jokes and the ever-suffering Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. is given his largest role yet.


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