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Extra Life Movie Review: Pixels

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 6 of 15 of Extra Life 2015

IMDB, Pixels“Pixels” on IMDB

Sci-fi/Comedy, 106 Minutes, 2015

As part of our Extra-Life 2015 Marathon our team, The Vidiots, raised hundreds of dollars for sick kids and, as a unwarranted slap in the face, we made them watch this. They were protected, somewhat, by the portable games they were playing, but several still suffered terribly.


Game Review: Jak 3 (PS2)

Authored December 2005, Originally appeared at GameSpot

An amazing experience and a great capstone to the Jak Trilogy. Sony really does have the action platformer genre locked up.  Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper are the kings of that hill now (and this is coming from a serious Nintendo fan).

If you were scared off by the difficultly of the second game don’t worry – this one is easier although by no means a cake walk (some missions are downright frustrating).  Thankfully the most frustrating missions are optional (unlike the second game which I nearly abandoned a half-a-dozen times).


Game Review: Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas (PS2)

Authored December 2005, Originally appeared at GameSpot

Well – I finished the story missions.  I could still do a lot, but I probably won’t – I’ve already spent over 90 hours on the game.  I finished the story, got most of the export cars, got mostly gold in most of the schools, did all but two of the “asset property” missions, dated all but one of the girls (but never got 100% with any of them), reached “hitman” skill in all weapons, bought all of the safe houses, did the pimping missions, maxed my driving and motorcycle skills, got all 100 gang tags, got all 50 horseshoes, did all of Zero’s RC missions, and got 100% of the available neighborhoods in the turf wars.

With all of that my “percent complete on the game” isn’t even 80%.


Game Review: Lego Star Wars (PS2)

Authored October 2005, Originally appeared at GameSpot

This is surprisingly one HELL of a great little game!  It’s easy enough for kids but never dull and so remarkably well put together any adult will have just as much fun.

Essentially the game features several chapters for each of the three prequel movies using Dexter’s Diner as the central hub.  It can be played with one or two players and players can enter and leave the game at will (when they enter they take on the role of a friendly and when they leave that friendly goes back to computer control).