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Movie Review: Her

A Depressed Press SeriesPart 11 of 12 of A.I. Movie Festival

“Her” on IMDBIMDB, Her

Sci-fi/Drama/Romance/Comedy, 126 Minutes, 2013

After starting it, I was instantly convinced that I would love this movie. I also instantly regretted waiting so long to see it. In some cases my initial reaction is wrong. The movie squanders it, tosses it away, and I feel betrayed. In this case it somehow just kept getting better.


Movie Review: Love & Teleportation

IMDB, Love Teleportation“Love & Teleportation” on IMDB

Romance/Sci-Fi, 92 Minutes, 2013

[Disclosure: This was screened at the request of the filmmakers. No other considerations were made.]

Why hello there sir, a moment of your time – a mere moment! Now sir, what if I told you that there’s a no budget movie – yes, no budget at all – that’s actually good? Even really good? Yes sir, you’d call me crazy!


Movie Review: Walk of Shame

IMDB, The Walk of Shame“Walk of Shame” on IMDB

Comedy, 95 Minutes, 2014

Meghan is a straight-laced local news anchor. When she’s turned down for a national job her friends convince her to hit the clubs and let it all hang out. After drinking too much, meeting a nice guy and heading back to his place she finds out that a) she’s still up for the job if she can get to work on time, b) that along with much of her dignity she’s also lost her money and her car and c) that she has no idea where in the hell she is.