Movie Review: The Kings Speech

“The King’s Speech” on IMDB

Drama, 118 Minutes, 2010

The movie is just as excellent as you’ve probably heard it is.  Excellent casting. Excellent acting.  Excellent writing, pacing, set design and all the rest.  Just plain excellent all-around.

(I do have a bizarre problem with Geoffrey Rush however: I always tend to see him as Casanova Frankenstein from “Mystery Men”.  This tends to artificially elevate movies with him in my eyes – but really, it is good.)

Like most “true” stories this one is not so true when you look into the details.  However, like the best films, it presents the best possible version of the story even if some of it had to be made up.  Not everybody comes off in the best light, but nobody is truly raked over the coals.

The story is uplifting and perhaps a bit too sentimental at rare times but it never devolves to drivel.  The comedic aspects of the story are dry but exceptionally effective.  The human aspect of the story is always given center stage and you’ll achieve a genuine sense of respect and fondness for George and Elizabeth and their problems.

Colin Firth deserves all of the acting honors he’ll receive for the film but it was Helena Bonham Carter’s performance that struck me the most.  The stoic empathy that she exudes throughout her scenes is expertly woven and utterly charming.

While the story stands well on its own I won’t say a healthy understanding the historical events doesn’t improve the experience.   However you take it tho’, as a look behind the curtains of history or simply as a feel-good movie, you’ll find little to dislike here.

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