Movie Review: Uninhabited

“Uninhabited” on IMDB

Horror, 93 Minutes, 2010

Meh.  I couldn’t get into this one.  Basically it wandered around the point for a while then ended poorly.

A couple decide to get dropped off on an uninhabited island for two weeks.  But – ohmygosh! – there’s a ghost on the island.  How do we know that?  Via the worst exposition technique ever, of course: they find an old journal detailing the only interesting events in the film.  Events that we get to hear about, but not see.

The main characters are just punching-bags throughout the entire movie.  They display almost no survival instinct at all.  It’s like watching baby seals get clubbed.  Clubbed by a ghost.

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  1. This is a real bored ! watching this for almost 1 hour and no ghost to be seen yet * signs*

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