Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters 2012: Shaun of the Dead

“Shaun of the Dead” on IMDB

Horror/Comedy, 99 Minutes, 2004

Our annual “Boiled Eggs and Brain Eaters” Easter zombie movie marathon comes to a close with our traditional last selection, the complete and total classic “Shaun of the Dead.”

There’s no need to actually review this movie.  It’s perfectly executed, perfectly paced and perfectly balanced.  Just plain perfect.  It’s also the perfect way to end a happy day spent with family.

This movie marathon was begun four years ago as a tongue-in-cheek way to celebrate Zombie Jesus Day and have some fun with the kids.  It’s become an important way for us to connect as a family; something we prepare for and look forward to.  Even the Godless enjoy a little meaningless ritual now and then.

We made colored eggs and got all bitey around them.  We ate jello brains, raman noodles (the most brain-like of noodles) and way too much Platter’s Chocolate (no matter where we move we’ve never found better).

Whether or not you celebrate this time of year, for whatever reason, I hope that you were able to spend it happily with those that you love and that you feel as blessed by your life as I do by mine.

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