Movie Review: Escape from Planet Earth

IMDB, Escape from Planer Earth“Escape from Planet Earth” on IMDB

Family, 89 Minutes, 2013

It’s a digitally animated family film!  It has famous people (a few former A-listers and a solid set of B-listers)!  There are multiple cute side-kicky characters!  It has references to pop culture!  It has a heartwarming message!  It’s really nothing special.

Two brothers; Gary, smart and deliberate, and Scorch, strong and brash, are the star rescue team on the planet Baab.  When they find themselves unable to appreciate what each of them bring to the table they have a falling out and Scorch’s next mission goes horribly pear-shaped.  He ends up taken prisoner on the most dangerous planet in the universe: Earth!  (Queue sad trombone.)

This is almost the perfect definition of an average movie.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it but also nothing that you’ll take away as especially right either.  The kids will like it just fine but may not ask to watch it again (or, if you’ve done something awful, may ask to watch only it for months).  The animation is good but nothing you’ve not seen before.  The writing is solid, but uninspired.  It’s fine.  Just fine.

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