Movie Review: Epic

IMDB, Epic“Epic” on IMDB

Family/Adventure, 102 Minutes, 2013

This was fine, really.  Just fine.  The animation is nice.  The story is simple enough.  It has Chris O’Dowd [IMDB] in it; he makes everything better.  There’s funny sidekicks, lots of action, a nasty little villain and love story light on the kissy-face.

It’s just fine.  Not quite, you know, “epic”, but really, just fine.

I’m not sure where they came up with the title.  Although it was raked over the coals by the critics, I actually enjoyed “Arthur and the Invisibles” [IMDB] much more.  Since both movies have pretty identical plots I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  Both feature a precocious youth that is shrunk down and spends some time with a society of tiny hippies.

In this one the itty-bitty hippies are trying to save the forest from itty-bitty… Republicans?  Bat-riding, rot-loving Republicans.  Our shrunken kid and a few mini-folk go on a little quest to figure out how to grow a special tree from a magic nut.  They talk with a lot of slugs and bugs and jump around.

Honestly “epic” really just doesn’t fit.  We’re talking about one forest and a pretty small handful of folks.  There are no epic battles for epic stakes by epic heroes.  There are some great battles, some high stakes and some impressive heroes.  It’s a good kids movie.  It overreached with the name, but then again I don’t suppose “Just Fine” would have played as well on the poster.

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