Movie Review: Blood: The Last Vampire

IMDB, Blood, The Last Vampire“Blood: The Last Vampire” on IMDB

Action/Horror, 91 Minutes, 2009

This should have been my kind of movie.  A hot Japanese, 400-year old, half-demon school-girl hunting evil demons with a sword in the age of disco – how could it go wrong?  Apparently in a quite a few ways, although I did enjoy it overall.

To its credit the actual swordplay is well done in that wonderful over-the-top Japanese style befitting the anime roots of the story.  Our heroine, Saya, is lithe, brutal and remorseless.  Her one-on-one battles early on are wildly entertaining and dripping with style.  The problem is there’s just no that many of them.

The movie quickly bogs itself down with a convoluted plot.  While that really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anime fans it feels somehow out-of-place in a live-action feature.  The movie wandered distractedly between decent practical effects and so-so CGI.  Although it was (I believe) intentionally hammy I did love Liam Cunningham’s [IMDB] hardboiled America G-man act.

Although it basically collapsed under it’s own weight about halfway through I did still like this but I felt at times that I had to force myself to.  All told this was a fun, if flawed diversion and you’d probably be much happier overall with the original anime from 2000.

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