Extra Life 2015 Marathon: The Calm before the Storm!

Extra-Life LogoWe’re getting ready to kick off our Extra-Life 2015 Marathon! In a little over 12 hours we will be invaded by nearly a dozen 17 year-old boys. They will fill our humble home with the sights, sounds and smells (oh, dear lordy me, the smells!) of charity! And gaming. Lots of gaming.

Our team, The Vidiots, have currently raised $345 for sick kids. You can still donate, if you like – we can always use more sick kids; they’re so inspiring!

We’ve got a PS4, a PS3, a Wii-U, a regular-old Wii and an impressive tower of board, card and dice games. Our brand new Steam Link is ready to bring PC games to our TV and a proud, lonely PlayStation Vita stands united with a short-stack of Nintendo DS’s for private play. Controllers are charged and stacked like cordwood. Plentiful snacks are at hand! Caffeinated beverages are standing by!

Folks. We. Are. Ready!

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