Movie Review: The Dish and the Spoon

“The Dish and the Spoon” on IMDB

Comedy,  90 Minutes, 2011

I’m talking now to all the ladies in the audience.  You know how it is when you’re husband cheats on you with a yoga instructor from your home town and then you drive all night with no money to find her and kill her?  But then you decide to take a six-pack up to the beach tower and find a british kid up there?  So you take him to your parent’s beach house, steal from him, dress him in drag, show him your funeral plot and let him touch your boob?  You all know how that goes, right ladies?

Well, on the off-chance that you don’t you could always ask Rose.  She knows.

This is a quiet movie set in a quiet place.  It’s the kind of movie that succeeds or fails completely on the strength of the script and performances.  However both are terribly uneven and disjointed.  There are scenes where you will absolutely adore these characters.  Then there’s a scene where, for no reason whatsoever, they swap gender roles and go to a bar.  It’s a frustrating game of building empathy with the audience and then squandering it.  Honestly I would have sworn that there would be a twist ending where we find out Rose is institutionalized and the entire movie was a delusional episode.

The fundamental story is quite good and relatable.  It’s a simple celebration of the times in your life when you find the exact right person to get you through something; to help keep you sane.  Unfortunately there’s just a little too much pants-crapping crazy for you to ever really get comfortable.

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